What is Critique Clique?

Critique Clique was originally conceived as a place for students to upload there work and get advice from their peers.  Since then it has grown into a community of designers, artists, photographers, makers and all round creatives, amateur and professional alike. It is a welcoming space that gives you the user, the chance to upload something you have produced and have it looked upon by a huge spectrum of people in your field or industry in the interest of getting them to analyse your work and provide you with constructive criticism and feedback, pushing you to iterate and improve your work and in the process improve yourself as a designer, artist or creator.

How does it work?

First you register for an account with us. You then have a profile and can upload your work. This can be a single project, a work in progress, or a collection. You upload images, video or audio along with a little bit of info about it. You also include tags. For example: graphic design, fashion or furniture. So that your upload can be put in specific categories in our archive so they can be found and looked at by people who have knowledge in those categories. Once you have uploaded a project it will be visible to our vast, diverse community on our archive ready to be looked at. When your project receives some feedback your will be notified in your preferred way are then free to use and benefit from the feedback that has been provided.

Your Feedback

You can use and access feedback gained on our site in a few different ways

Being a Critic

Uses for A Professional