There is a story here bigger than the film: The Rock is getting darn good at this acting thing. Compared to his previous outings, he is believable as Sean Preston. That is why journalists like me are crammed into this hotel suite. We want a piece of The Rock so that we can understand how he is becoming better at the craft. The top-notch Ritz food is free-flowing. The journalists are showing off their movie-making knowledge. And the background buzz is being supplied from a DVD that is promoting Gridiron Gang.

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Inside the bus, a 2008 documentary called “Crips and Bloods: Made in America” is shown. It traces the origin of LA gangland activity. Mr. Lomas says that he is not trying to glamorize crime, but rather raise awareness.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s rise to this level of success happened within a 10-year timeframe. That includes his first wrestling match for Vince McMahon to now. It is not too shabby for a 34-year-old kid who bounced around from Honolulu to Connecticut and back to Bethlehem, PA. He once had dreams of playing in the NFL, but ended up in the CFL only to have those dreams squashed due to injury.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Keep in mind that formal criminal charges have not yet been brought against Gatti’s wife. She has retained a Recife criminal lawyer and has said she will contest any allegations as to involvement in her husband’s death.

Earlier this week, “Fox and Friends” Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson presented a story about LA Gang Tours, where along with the purchase of a tour ticket you also have to sign a release form in case the bus is attacked.

Many other performers were so taken with the songwriting ability of Haggard, they started performing his work. His country music songs actually reached across barriers into country-rock, classical, and rock divisions of music. Merle’s tribute to Bob Wills began a revival of western swing into country music.

“Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus” begins with the titular characters Ratchet and Clank taking two villains into a Immigration Texas in deep space. The villains escape, and the heroes are stranded in a very hostile environment. Little else is known about the game’s story.